How to Download the When I Work App

If you have an Android Phone, you will Click Google Play Icon on your phone.  If you have an iPhone, you will Click App Store Icon on your phone. Then you will type When I Work in the search bar and hit enter.  The When I Work Application or App will appear in your search in Green.  Click the Green Install Button on the far right.  The Application will download to your phone.  

How to Log In

Click Log-in.  Then enter your email address that you originally registered with us.  Then create a password.  Write down your email address and password or better yet, take a screen shot of your email and password page and text it to yourself for safe keeping.  If you would like to access the system on your computer,  you do NOT need to log out of your mobile phone.  LOG IN, DO NOT SIGN IN to your computer and use the exact SAME email and password.  CREATE a NEW PASSWORD.  If you need to change your email address, phone number, or password you will need to log in using your original password and email to enter the system to change it.  We are unable to change your contact information once you register.  

How to Clock In & Out

A green clock-in button will appear on your phone 5 minutes prior to your shift at either 9:55 a.m. or 6:55 p.m.  You cannot clock in earlier than your scheduled shift.  If you are late to work or work past your shift time, please remember to clock in and out at your actual time. Your time will be automatically documented.  Your attendance sheet and time sheet are automatically created and calculated on a daily basis by your shift clock in and out.  When you do not clock in you are deemed a NO SHOW and you will not be paid.

Contact Us

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