How to Set Your Profile

You can update or change your name, phone number, and email here.  You can also set your alerts.  Please keep your alerts on as pictured.  If you need to update your contact information, it must be done by you and cannot be modified by management.  You will need to use your original email and password you used to access your account and change your contact information.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CREATE ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS.  Your payroll records are attached to your original account.  Please SAFEGUARD your email and password.

How to Set Your Work Preference

How to view and Confirm Your Shift

To see your shift, click the dashboard (three lines ), located at the top left corner of the green box.  Click Schedule and MY SHIFTS.  To see who you are working with, click ALL Shift.  To earn extra money, click OPEN SHIFTS for shifts that are available for you to work.  If you are interested in that shift, click the shift, and if you are qualified to work that shift, you will be notified.  Your supervisor will receive the request and confirm if the shift is not taken.


When a new shift is published, please review it immediately and CONFIRM YOUR SHIFT by clicking the green button at the bottom of your phone.  If you have a scheduling conflict, contact your supervisor immediately.



How to Request Time Off

Follow the steps below to request time off and your request will be submitted to your supervisor.  You will be notified upon approval and you can check on the status of your request.

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